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Backgammon Set Gallery

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Jumbo backgammon set (26")

Jumbo backgammon set
The S50 boards have gold color combination locks.
The size is 65x43cm (26x17") closed. Checkers: 50mm (2"). The Jumbo Backgammon Sets are luxury boards designed for a high class game or a chouette.
The Jumbo Backgammon Set may be delivered as on picture or as personalized backgammon boards.
It is possible to custom make both synthetic leather exterior and natural leather case with a custom order Personalized natural leather backgammon boards Jumbo
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King Size backgammon set (24")

King Size backgammon set
The size is 24x15". Checkers have 1.75" diameter. The King Size sets have gold color combination locks or (by customer option) steel, chrome plated heavy duty locks.

This Backgammon Set is often preferred for tournaments because of it's size. The backgammon sets have the luxury feel and heavy duty performance typical for Svilo boards. Two prices - for leather and non-leather exterior. Wide range of playing surface color schemes. Choice of exterior color. Choice of dice cups. Choice of checker colors.

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Golden Anchor backgammon set (21")

Golden Anchor backgammon set

Golden Anchor backgammon sets have the same size as the Silver Anchor S40 boards (21x26 inch open). Actually, Golden Anchor was meant as an improvement to Silver Anchor model, but both lines have continued their development for the last 20 years. The backgammon set Golden Anchor was designed for luxury, ease of play and heavy duty. Playing surface is inlaid or printed, the best leather dice cups since 1991, checkers have 40 mm. diameter. Gold color combination locks.
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Silver Anchor Backgammon Set (21")

Silver Anchor backgammon set
The Silver Anchor Backgammon Set (21") - model S40 have 40 mm (1 1/2") diameter checkers. Their size is 54x65 cm. (21"x26") open. These are tournament size boards.
Svilo backgammon sets were designed for luxury, ease of play and heavy duty.
The backgammon sets have inlaid or printed playing surface
Each backgammon set comes with the famous Svilo leather dice cups
Air parcel deliveries may take about 10 days to reach any part of the world.
Please do not hesitate to INQUIRE

Compact Backgammon Set (18")

Silver Anchor backgammon set

The Compact boards have 33mm (1 1/4") diameter checker. Their size is 47x27 cm (18"x11")closed

Please do not hesitate to INQUIRE

Backgammon boards made in the EU. Svilo is an international backgammon player from Bulgaria. He started designing backgammon boards in 1992. Since then hundreds of models hit the road. Handmade backgammon boards by Svilo are known all over the world. All Svilo boards are hingeless. They feature a wide bar for safe rest of the hit checkers. All Svilo boards have natural calf leather dice cups. The Svilo dice cups.com have bottom bumper, bull lip and are ribbed. These are unique backgammon sets. They are made in 4 sizes to fit every particular need. The standard backgammon sets by Svilo are made on a wooden base with synthetic leather or suede fabric coating. The luxury backgammon boards are coated with natural calf leather. These handcrafted backgammon sets feel good and last long.
The readymade Jumbo backgammon board games have 50mm checker. They are 66cm. long. The lovers of luxury backgammon sets prefer them for high class games and chouettes. Unique backgammon boards. The tournament backgammon sets - the King Size backgammon sets have 44mm checker. They are 62 cm. long. It is the widely accepted tournament backgammon board size.
The Standard backgammon attache case, the Silver Anchor heavy duty backgammon sets and Golden anchor backgammon boards use 40mm checker. They are 53 cm. long. Many people prefer them to play in tournaments and clubs. Compact backgammon boards have 33mm checker. Even the Compact backgammon sets by Svilo (48cm. long) are used to play tournament backgammon. These are travel backgammon sets suitable for transportation. Luxury backgammon boards and quieter indeed.
Backgammon P ricelist

Backgammon equipment. Ready made price list. Customization procedure


Sizes are with backgammon cases folded. Prices include air mail shipment
S50 Jumbo @ 600.00 EUR is the luxury (64x40 cm) backgammon board with a 50 mm (2") checker diameter.

Leather Jumbo S50L @ 720.00 EUR is the natural leather (64x40 cm) backgammon board with a 50 mm (2") checker diameter.

S44 King Size @ 225.00 EUR is the large tournament (60x35 cm.) backgammon board with a 44 mm (1.75") checker diameter.

Leather S44 King Size @ 432.00 EUR is the large tournament leather (60x35 cm.) backgammon board with a 44 mm (1.75") checker diameter.

S40 Silver aAnchor @ 192.00 EUR is the Standard (52x33 cm) tournament backgammon board with a 40 mm (1.50") checker diameter with heavy duty chrome locks.

Leather S40 Silver Anchor @ 300.00 EUR is the Leather Standard (52x33 cm) tournament backgammon board with a 40 mm (1.50") checker diameter with heavy duty chrome locks.

SB40 Golden Anchor @ 198.00 EUR is (52x33 cm) model of the 40 mm checker board, with brass combination locks.

Leather SB40 Golden Anchor @ 300.00 EUR is (52x33 cm) LEATHER model of the 40 mm checker board, with brass combination locks.

S33 Compact @ 192.00 EUR is the backgammon board with 33 mm (1.25") checker diameter.

Svilo backgammon boards are designed for luxury, ease of play and heavy duty. A standard backgammon set comes with leather dice cups.

One can choose various Leather Dice cups @ 36.00 EUR . For more models colors, sizes and prices, please open the links above. One can also pick from Precision dice @ 60.00 , exterior color, playing surface , checker colors.


One can personalize a backgammon set by changing checker color, dice cups color, dice cup model, dice color or size, doubling cube size or color. Personalizing the backgammon set usually cost nothing if it is technically possible (sizes, availability, etc.). You just need to ask before you buy.

Custom made backgammon boards

A backgammon board can be custom made to the requirements of a customer. He can choose size of his board (4 sizes available), material and color of the exterior, material and color combination of the playing surface, type of handle, type, size and color of dice cups, type, size and color of dice. Size of doubling cube etc., etc.
One can order custom prints on the outside cover of the case, the playing field, the checker separation area or the dice cups.

The way to make a custom order is to pick a model and remember the Product number. Then open the Inquiry/Order form and fill your additional requirements. You can place a CUSTOM inquiry/order here. Your order will be final after receipt of payment.
For quantities, tournament directors, restaurant and hotel chains, please call. If you have a question do not hesitate to get in touch If your personalization consists only in replacing or adding accessories - only the difference in price will be asked.

Customization procedure

If you like to customize your board in a way that involves more labor, materials, time or risk, the final price will be agreed before we start work.
To guard against usual risks in making a custom backgammon board, sometimes a 10% advance surcharge payment is needed. When we make the board these 10% will usually be part or all the surcharge over the normal price of the base model.

After a customized board is ready, I will send you a picture for approval. If you do not like the board, you can still cancel your order. I will then refund 90% and keep 10% of the agreed and paid total price as compensation.

If you receive a customized board and do not like it for any reason, you can return it within the first 7 days after receipt at your own cost. If the backgammon board and all accessories are as new I will make full refund of the money received minus 10%. get in touch

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