Precision dice

Precision dice for backgammon are different in that they have bevelled corners as opposed to the sharp corners of casino dice. A precisely cut corner of a backgammon die will cause the face to be a perfect circle,
During the last century, Precision dice were introduced in casinos as guarantee for a random roll. A BACKGAAMMON precision die is ball cornered and it is guaranteed to have a very precise size and form. The material (usually plastic with the same material of body and pips) has an even surface as opposed to the non-precision dice, which have concave holes for the pip.
Here precision dice from most reliable manufacturers and suppliers are offered. Three sizes are available:
1/2" - "small",
9/16" - "medium"
and 5/8" - "large"
One needs to inquire each time about availability of a certain color.
Prices are the same for all sizes and destinations.
Available sizes:
1/2" - small

A set of 2 pairs and a 17.5 mm (0.7") doubling cube.

Price: 60.00 EUR
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